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Kumaré is an enlightened guru from the East who builds a following of disciples in the West. But Kumaré is not real. He is an American filmmaker named Vikram Gandhi, who has transformed himself into Kumaré as the centerpiece of a social experiment designed to explore and test one of the world's most sacred taboos. Concealing his true identity from all he meets, Kumaré forges profound, spiritual connections with real people from all walks of life. At the same time, in the absurdity of living as an entirely different person, Vikram the filmmaker is forced to confront difficult questions about his own identity. At the height of his popularity he reveals his greatest teaching: his true self. A playful yet genuine and insightful look at belief and spirituality, the film crosses a line few have dared to cross, all to discover: from illusion comes truth.

Kumaré has won:
Audience Award for Best Documentary at the 2011 SXSW Film Festival.
Best Documentary Feature, 2011, from the Napa Valley Film Festival.
Best Documentary Feature, 2011, Dallas Video Fest.

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Directed by
Vikram Gandhi

Produced by
Bryan Carmel
Brendan Colthurst

Executive Producers
Stephen Feder
Cristian Gil
Nadia Muna
Eli Nhaissi

Adam Barton

Associate Producer
Leslie Yoon

Associate Producer and Tour Manager
Purva Bedi

Yoga Teacher
Kristen Calgaro

Adam Barton
Nathan Russell

Assistant Editor
Shane Reid

Director of Photography
Kahlil Hudson

Additional Camera
Brendan Colthurst
Adam Barton

Production Sound Mixer
Tyrone Chu

India Unit - Director of Photography
Daniel Leeb

India Unit - Field Coordinator
Nicole Jacquis

Costume Designer for Kumaré
Maytinee Redding

Production Legal
Zac Locke, Esq.

Music Supervisor
Ali Sachedina

Original Score
Alex Kliment
Hisham Bharoocha
Sanjay Khanna

Theresa Morelli

Production Assistants
June Eng
Rebecca Kerzer
Layla Koshnoudi
Kim Eden Neugarten
Daniel Rollingher
Meghan Malloy

Jeffrey Lopez
Kam Metal

Sound Editor
Lidia Tamplenizza

Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Alexa Zimmerman

Opening Titles
Stephen Ellis

Color Grading
Prime Focus, New York

Alex Berman

Online Editor
Eugene Lehnert

Sales Representation
Dana O'Keefe / Cinetic Media
SXSW Publicity
Chris Libby & Clay Dollarhide,
Ginsberg / Libby

Festival Marketing
Meera Deepak

Simone Egipciaco
Julianne Pinto
Melissa Witkin

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